One of the best types of content you can create if you’re looking to boost both engagement and followers is a content series. A content series involves creating multiple videos around a central theme. Doing so offers a structured approach that benefits both the creator and the viewer.

A Framework for Creators

For the creator, a content series journey provides more than just a topic — it offers a framework that streamlines the creative process. If you know you’re creating a series around a specific topic, it’s a lot easier to brainstorm ideas or iterations around one topic (vs. having to start from a blank page). This structure not only sparks creativity but also minimizes the need to start from scratch with each new video.

A Curated Experience for Viewers

Yet, the true benefit of a content series is what it provides for your audience. Imagine if someone lands on a video from your series and is interested, however, their interest doesn’t end with just that video. Because it’s clear that this video is a part of a series, they’re encouraged to scroll back, to check out the entire series. Best-case scenario it encourages them to follow, so they won’t miss any future videos that are a part of the series.

The #1 Thing To Keep in Mind When Creating Your Series

Consistency is key when it comes to creating a successful series. Trying to keep intros, visuals, and other repeating elements consistent through each part of the series, so that it’s memorable and sparks recognition when someone lands on a video.

Creating a series not only increases engagement but also fosters a sense of loyalty. It transforms passive viewers into dedicated followers, invested in the narrative you’ve crafted.

The Content You Need To Be Creating For a Boost In Engagement

December 4, 2023

December 4, 2023


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My Secrets To Building The Ultimate
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