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Here’s the thing, you’re not just looking for a social media strategist.
You’re looking for someone who knows how to help you grow the business of your dreams.

You could care less about Adam Mosseri's latest Instagram updates and what the future state of TikTok will be.

But what you do care about? Showing up online with confidence. Building a community around your brand. Staying authentic to you and your business.

That's why you're not interested in cookie-cutter strategies that never make it past your drafts. You want streamlined solutions you can confidently execute.

So if you're looking for a social media strategist who will help you build the strategies and foundations you need. Welcome to Live Like Mad, let's grow the business of your dreams.

I'm All About...


I hate gatekeeping. I aim to equip business owners and individuals with the tools they need to feel confident in growing their platforms and businesses through affordable education and free content.



Each business, brand, and individual is unique in a beautiful way. I value bringing out that individual voice and building a strategy that amplifies those messages and values.

In a world saturated with filters and facades, I strive to keep it real and transparent through not only my own work, but the work I create with clients.

I'm All About...

How did I get here you ask?

How did I get here?

After spending nearly four years working on an online business and climbing the ranks from a social media contractor to Head of Growth, I discovered how powerful building an online community could be for a business. Soon enough, I'd grown an Instagram account from 12K to over 556K and had unlocked the secrets to actually making sales on social media. On paper, I was crushing what everyone would perceive to be a dream job, but in the back of my mind I was yearning for more. I knew I wanted to have the opportunity to impact more than just one business.

So I decided to take the leap and pursue Live Like Mad full time. Now, I not only get to work 1:1 with incredible businesses owners and brands, but also create a variety of resources to empower them to grow their businesses on their own terms.

brands i've worked with:

Madi went absolutely above and beyond when we worked together.



Madi Beumee

I should have predicted from the sheer amount of flat lays I put together on my childhood bedroom floor that I would one day find a career in marketing, but alas my journey to this point has been anything but smooth. After moving to Manhattan right after college, I found myself performing Off-Broadway right when the pandemic shut everything down. 
As a means to give myself purpose and honestly something to do, I dove into the world of marketing, traded my tap shoes for TikTok, and have since never looked back.

Every rejection is just a redirection  and I was forced to build, one of my greatest joys today... Live Like Mad!

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Your content calendar is the roadmap for bringing your marketing strategy to life. This guide includes my tips for utilizing your content calendar to execute your marketing strategy effectively.

My Secrets To Building
The Ultimate Content Calendar

My Secrets To Building The Ultimate
Content Calendar

it's more than just a scheduling tool